Here’s Why We Think You Should Buy a Rolex Batman

If you are in the market for a Rolex watch, you have most likely heard of the Rolex Batman. The Batman as it’s popularly known, is officially known as the Rolex GMT Master II 126710BLNR with a black and blue dial. This particular watch has become one of the most sought after watches, especially in the GMT lineup. In this article, we explore the reasons why we think you should buy a Rolex Batman watch. 

Reasons to buy a Rolex Batman watch

For watch enthusiasts, buying a luxury watch requires meticulous assessment of various factors. Before investing in a Rolex Batman watch, we would like to state some of the reasons to encourage you to make your purchasing decision. Following are all the reasons why you should buy a Rolex Batman watch. 

  • Iconic watch design 
  • Practical features of the watch
  • Investment value the watch holds 
  • High-quality materials used in the watch
  • Versatility of the watch

Iconic watch design 

A Rolex Batman watch is instantly recognizable due its iconic design. Every GMT Master watch has a distinct look, which is where they get their famous nicknames from. The bezel color of the GMT Master II 126710BLNR is where the Batman nickname comes from. 

It features a black and blue bezel that is meant to signify day and night time. Adding to the elegance of the watch, it features a black dial with luminescent markers. All of these aspects are incredibly desirable and absolutely worth investing in. 

Practical features of the watch

Classified as a pilot watch, a Rolex Batman has all the practical features that you would expect from a premium watch. A pilot watch is one that enables the wearer to view time across two time zones. 

The ability to read time of more than one zone is made possible due to the bidirectional rotating bezel. You can set the bezel to match the second time zone, and the 24-hour hand will help you track time accordingly. Another practical aspect of the watch is its 70-hour power reserve.

Investment value the watch holds 

Another incredibly compelling reason to invest in a Rolex Batman is its investment value. A Rolex Batman is known to sell for exceptionally high prices in the secondary market. While the watch is still in production, some of its discontinued variants are still fetching high prices. 

A Rolex Batman price in the pre-owned market is anywhere between AED 65,000 to AED 79,000. In contrast to that, the prices of a brand new Rolex Batman from the retail market is between AED 42,850 to AED 43,700. 

Therefore, you shall note that the prices in the pre-owned market are much higher than the retail market. This goes to show the clear potential that the watch holds as a lucrative business opportunity. 

High-quality materials used in the watch

Oystersteel, is the material used in the case of a Rolex Batman watch. This is an extremely durable material and is finished to demonstrate exceptional craftsmanship. 

Moreover, the bracelet of this particular model is available in two variants. You can buy the watch with a Jubilee bracelet which is slightly expensive compared to the Oyster bracelet variant. The fit and finish that Rolex watches, including the Batman exhibit, is a factor to consider while investing in the Batman.

Versatility of the watch

One of the other standout factors about the Rolex Batman is its ability to harmonize with most forms of fashion. It is considered to be one of the most versatile watches in the GMT lineup. 

The primary reason for the versatility is the colors used in the bezel. Black and blue are default colors that blend in well with different color patterns. Therefore, whether you are wearing a suit or a casual outfit, a Rolex Batman will perfectly complement your style. 

Invest in a Rolex GMT Master II Batman 

Rolex Batman has emerged as one of the most desirable Rolex watches. The value of this particular model has increased in the pre-owned market, which indicates its potential to be a great watch to buy. Watch communities worldwide have regarded the Batman as one of the best GMT watches

If you are an avid watch collector, and are looking to add new watches to your collection, the Rolex Batman is the watch to invest in. 

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